We perfectly combine the use of modern technology with years of experience in creating audiovisual installations. We work for corporations and private companies, as well as public institutions. We have an individual approach to every order, adapting our solutions to client budget and requirements.

Cultural institutions

We give a completely new face to the exhibits. Our implementations for cultural institutions stimulate imagination and amaze with original visual binding. Particular exhibits – remarkable and attention grabbing, we connect into a logical and harmonic whole. With the help of modern technologies, we fully expose the potential of the exhibits. Our installations amaze with design, sounds, images and interactive elements, but first and foremost, they cause motions and stay in the memory of the viewers for a long time.


Modern technologies allow for an effective and attractive for students learning process. They also make things easier for the teachers. We have been helping educational institutions with choosing the best equipment possible within their budget for years. Thanks to us, dozens of schools have been equipped with modern projectors and multi-functional interactive whiteboards, which stimulate the students' curiosity and improve the lesson experience. Educational institutions that have modern equipment at their disposal, help in the scientific growth of their students, help teachers with their work, and make the schools more competitive.

Informational stations

They have become an element of the landscape in modern public spaces. It's no surprise – multimedia informational stations are intuitive in use and offer a broad spectrum of capability. We can use them to search for information, ex. The local tourist attractions, we can find out the public transport timetable, or we can find a store in a shopping centre that interests us the most. Multimedia informational stations also allow for more advanced functions: ex. Registration in a n office or buying tickets. Informational stations offered by as are adapted to client requirements and user-friendly. Additionally, they perfectly fit the character of the place they're installed in.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms these days are much more than just a meeting table for employees or business partners. They're also tools that allow for free communication or business meeting conducting in an effective manner. With us, companies enter the higher plane of business. We know how to make a conference room into a functional and representative place. Our solutions allow for business talks with partners from the whole world or managing offices from far reaches of the globe. With their help, companies can also create creative and attention-grabbing presentations.