Audiovisual installations are our way to create addictive stories full of interactions – told with sound and image. We treat every order with enthusiasm and a head full of outside the box solutions. The installations created by us so far concern such fields as: science, art and culture, everyday life, education and training.

A dusty museum? That's a relict. With our help, colourful interactive exhibits, full of life and fantasy are created, taking the visitors for fascinating journeys. We know that we're the most interested in things that cause emotions. That's why science centres we cooperate with, depending on context, cause laughter, fascination, surprise or agitation. Boring lessons? With us, that's impossible. We equip educational centres with tools that turn learning into fun.

We provide optimized solutions. Our customers, public institutions and business clients, give us an idea. We take care of the rest: we design, we deliver the equipment and install it. Our standard is perfection in our product, on time implementation of orders and the highest quality of the equipment.